Forestry and Environmnet

Course Overview 

We have been teaching forestry at Bangor for more than 110 years, and there has never been a more exciting time to enter the profession. Our degrees will prepare you for the challenge of managing forests for the many benefits they provide, at a time of global environmental change. Forests, vital to the global ecosystem, cover 30% of the world’s land area. Forestry is concerned with the understanding and sustainable management of these forests for the benefit of society. 

This course is accredited by the Institute of Chartered Foresters and gives partial fulfillment of Professional Membership Entry. 


Course Content


Year 1

Core modules: 
  • English & Chinese

Years 2 and 3 

The first year provides an introduction to the ecological, economic and environmental principles on which forestry is based. In the second year you will develop your understanding of these principles and apply them to forestry practice. Subjects studied during the first two years include tree and wood identification, site assessment, tree measurement, silviculture and harvesting, forest health, forest inventory, forest management and geographical information systems. By the end of the second year you will have acquired the knowledge and understanding needed for a sandwich placement year, should you wish to do one. 

Year 4 

In the third year, you will integrate the knowledge that you have acquired in the first two years to write a forest management plan for a local forest area. If this is your final year, you will undertake an independent research project (Honours Project) on a topic that interests you, under the supervision of academic staff. There are optional modules in forest ecology, forest ecosystems, the forestry profession, environmental issues, environmental policy and renewable energy. You can also choose to go on a week-long field course in Tenerife. 


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